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All my life I’ve known more about cars than most of my peers. The only one who might know slightly more than me is my sister and that’s only because she’s older and had a 2-year head start. Growing up in Indianapolis, going to the Indy 500 every Memorial Day weekend was a tradition in my family. Our dad is a mechanic and swore he was going to keep the legacy alive despite having two daughters. Lucky for him my sister and I both enjoy everything about cars. And, now that I’m an adult living on my own, I enjoy using that knowledge because I can fix pretty much any car problem myself.


My Experience With Wipe New

wipe-new-reviewCaring for the car means keeping it clean and protected. This is very important to me. My dad recommended Wipe New for my car care system. He has been a mechanic for 45 years and he said he has never found another product as revolutionary and professional as Wipe New. For only $19.99, I purchased the new bigger size bottle. I have used it on my car and my boyfriend’s motorcycle and still have plenty left over. A little goes a long way with this product.

The only downside I’ve found from using Wipe New is that it does not clean glass. If used on the windows or mirrors, it leaves a smudge that is difficult to remove. Trust me, it will come off, but it takes a good cleaner. It’s better to not get the product near the class at all. I recommend using a microfiber cloth for all the glass and mirrors. Wipe New is safe and effective on a variety of other surfaces such as rubber, chrome, plastic, leather, vinyl, metallic, and acrylic surfaces. This stuff works great on bumpers and flares. The car looks brand new.


Wipe New saves so much money and time because it restores and protects with one swipe, yet lasts for up to two years. Just one wipe is all it takes to get results. Wipe New does not contain silicone like other products, so constant reapplication is not necessary. Before discovering Wipe New, I found that going to local car washes was costing me a ridiculous amount of money, and on a nice day, I was waiting over an hour in line for my turn. With Wipe Clean, I do all the restoration and protection myself- in in less time. The sparkling gleam that comes as a result from using Wipe Clean always makes me feel like I spent a fortune detailing and restoring my car. It’s an incredible feeling.


I recently read a review of Wipe New that complained the bottle was too small for the price. Another reviewer said the product was a rip-off saying the bottle is a “sample size.” He was also judging the bottle size before even trying the product. Those reviews are false for several reasons. First of all, the value is incredible because it does not take a lot to clean a medium sized car. If you order the product online you get an even bigger bottle – enough to clean two whole cars. This product goes a very long way. The person who reviewed the product probably judged the bottle size instead of evaluating the value of the product. Anyone using Wipe New knows that it does not take much of this product to restore their car. Because it is not silicone based like so many of the other car care systems out there, it does not require constant application. This product is the real deal and I am completely satisfied.

The bonus gift included in the order of Wipe Clean is a Pro Detail Kit. It contains two yellow Wipe New application cloths. These are great. They provide a smooth finish and help make the application process that much easier. One red headlight applicator is included. One blue polishing block, a detail brush, and one pair of nitrile gloves are also included adding even more to this already fantastic deal.

My Overall Review



  • Only $19.99 for a large bottle that can easily be used on two cars.
  • Bonus Gift includes a Pro Detail Kit.
  • Two Year Money Back Guarantee
  • Can be used on boats, RVs, and motorcycles
  • Restores and protects with one swipe.
  • Beautiful shine lasts for years.


  • My friends always want me to detail their cars
  • When I go on dates the guy always wants to take my car because it looks so much better than his.
  • The shipping price on this product is a bit too high.

All my life I’ve known more about cars than most of my peers. The only one who might know slightly more than me is my sister and that’s only because she’s older and had a 2-year head start. Growing up in Indianapolis, going to the Indy 500 every Memorial Day weekend was a tradition in …

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Good Deal

Summary : This product is a revolutionary car care system used by professionals. In fact, it was a professional who recommended the product to me. Now, when people ask why my car looks so great, I tell them about Wipe New and where to buy it. I always encourage people to buy it from the official site because the bonus gift is fantastic. The detail package is great because we all know how expensive it is to get the car “professionally” detailed. You never know what you are getting with those local car detailing places. Wipe New is a high quality product with a Money Back Guarantee for any customer who is not satisfied. If you follow the directions, there is no way you will not be satisfied. This product does exactly what the commercials say it will do.

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