Wax Vac Review – The Ear Wax Removal Vacuum

The WaxVac is a new ear cleaning system that makes the ear cleaning process a safe, sanitary and simple part of your personal hygiene routine. Using powerful but gentle suction, this cordless, handheld device removes wax, dirt particles, and moisture that has accumulated in the ear canal.


My Experience With Wax Vac

wax-vacHi, my name is Jen and I am an ear cleaning addict. It might sound like I’m joking, but I have always been obsessed with this element of personal care and grooming. I can’t stand feeling like the insides of my ears might be dirty or clogged by wax, and I hate the wet sensation in my ears following a shower. Because of this, I clean my ears at least daily…sometimes more.

I knew using cotton swabs was potentially harmful. After all, even the Q-tips packaging strongly cautions users against inserting them inside the ear canal. But I was stubborn, addicted, and resistant to taking medical advice from a box of cotton swabs.

When I took my daughter to her first well child visit, however, the pediatrician strongly cautioned me against the danger of cotton swabs. I had until then resisted the urge to swab her perfect little ears, but I was still using Q-tips daily to attend to my own ear cleaning routine.


The doctor explained that using cotton swabs was potentially harmful for several reasons, due to the delicacy nature of the ear drum. If the ear drum is punctured with a Q-tip, which apparently happens frequently, it can not only cause extreme pain, but in some cases requires surgery. In fact, the problem can become so severe that its possible to experience permanent hearing loss. By applying pressure to the ear drum, you also apply pressure to the tiny bones underneath, which are responsible for the body’s hearing and balance function, both of which can be detrimentally affected. An alternate scenario can result in the wax getting pushed back down and become firmly lodged in your ear, making it impossible to remove without help from a medical professional.


That should have been more than enough reason enough to stop using cotton swabs, but I persisted in my unhealthy habit until one day I felt a strange, recurrent sensation: a combination of vertigo and nausea. A quick medical consultation led to a diagnosis of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which the doctor attributed to trauma from using cotton swabs. Luckily, the problem went away on its on, but the experience was an eye-opener.

Right around that time, I saw a commercial for the WaxVac. I couldn’t believe my good luck! I didn’t have to stop cleaning my ears; I could just switch to a safer, easier, and more effective method. I logged onto the website and ordered my WaxVac ear cleaner, which came with a safety guard, cleaning brush, and 8 color-coded silicone tips for just $10, plus processing and handling. It must have been my lucky day, because they were running a special Buy One Get One free special!

I can’t believe the product’s user-friendliness. I just attach one of the color-coded silicone tips, insert it into my ear, and switch it on. The controlled suction gently pulls all the wax, water, and dirt particles out of my ear and collects it in the device’s chamber. After finishing, I just unscrew the collection chamber and empty it out. I can’t believe how much gunk can accumulate inside the human ear!

I also bought a WaxVac for my mom, from whom I inherited my ear cleaning obsession. She has arthritis, and I am worried that her shaking hands could cause her to puncture her ear drum. She loves it–particularly because it is quiet and cordless.

Have you ever noticed that cotton swabs seem to end up everywhere? I was constantly picking them up off the floor because they never seemed to make it into the garbage can. A minor annoyance, certainly, but I am delighted not to spend my days playing an uninspiring game of 52 Q-Tip Pickup!

One of my favorite things about the WaxVac is the lighted tip, which makes “going in blind” a thing of the past. When my son comes to me complaining about ear pain, I just take a quick peak inside. It is actually fun for him! The color-coded silicone tips were a genius touch, and has let my kids take ownership over this aspect of their care and grooming. Incorporating the WaxVac into our daily routine helps educate them about the importance of good personal hygiene.

My Overall Review



  • Powerful yet safe
  • Handy examining light for improved visibility
  • No more dangerous cotton swabs
  • No messy cords–operates on batteries
  • Lightweight, small and portable


  • Kids may mistake this handy device for a toy, so keep away from little hands
  • You won’t have cotton swabs around the house when you need them for craft projects

The WaxVac is a new ear cleaning system that makes the ear cleaning process a safe, sanitary and simple part of your personal hygiene routine. Using powerful but gentle suction, this cordless, handheld device removes wax, dirt particles, and moisture that has accumulated in the ear canal. My Experience With Wax Vac Hi, my name …

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Summary : I would recommend checking out the alternative ear wax cleaning solution we pointed out above before you try Wax Vac. But if you're still looking to get your own WaxVac, and all the accessories that come along with it--including the safety guard, silicone tips, and cleaning brush--for $10, plus packaging and handling, visit the company's website. The WaxVac comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee. The last time I checked they were still running the BOGO promotion.

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    user friendly because it doesent work.Don’t order.

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