Rabbit TV Review – Does This TV via USB Device Work?

Rabbit TV lets users watch thousands of the television shows they know and love conveniently from their laptop or PC through one simple act of plugging in a USB device. This advanced technology, which gives free access to over 2,000 internet television stations as well as 9,000 radio stations, is revolutionizing the way we watch television.


My Experience With Rabbit TV

rabbit-tvMy husband and I had been talking about getting rid of our cable for over a year. We’d been tightening our belts because of the economic downturn, and our monthly bill–over $100 just for basic cable and DVR service, with no premium channels or other services–was way beyond our budget. The last straw was when I called to inquire about promotions that might lower our bill; after being passed around to three different customer service representatives, I was at last informed that while the company was indeed running a few discounts, they were not available to current customers. This was the opposite of a customer retention technique in my opinion. I was furious!

That same night my husband came home raving about Rabbit TV, which his colleague had showed him on his laptop at the office. After briefly hearing about the product, I was sold. I called the next day and canceled our cable bill, and I haven’t missed it since.

Rabbit TV sources out video content from all over the world and puts it at your literal fingertips. I still can’t believe these ease and user-friendliness of Rabbit TV. The first time I plugged the USB into my laptop, a huge selection of shows became available in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t believe all the familiar titles that were available and cost nothing. Searching the library was so much fun, and I couldn’t wait to check out several shows I’d heard about but never seen. This high-tech device gives users immediate access to on-demand programming from major networks like ABC, NBC, History, MTV, and my absolute favorite, HGTV. And with content expanded and updated daily, Rabbit TV makes it impossible not to find something you love to watch at any given moment.


Before we made the switch, our cable box was constantly freezing and shutting down. I had to call the cable company at least once a week–usually more–to have them resend the signal. It could then take up to 10 minutes to reboot, which was particularly frustrating when I was right in the middle of “The Walking Dead” season finale! Now, the ugly and temperamental black box is completely eliminated. Instead, I just plug the handy USB into my laptop, and click on the show I want. It works on PC, desktop, and laptop computers so every member of the family can watch their favorite shows in the most convenient format.

Family movie nights are a huge success on the large, flat-screen monitor of our desktop computer. We fire up some popcorn, and enjoy old classics and new favorites together. I don’t think my 4-year-old even noticed the switch from cable, as he still has access to all of his favorite Cartoon Network shows. My tween daughter, on the other hand, delights in unlimited access to the Disney Channel.


As a big fan of all genres of music, I have always enjoyed doing my housework while rocking out to my favorite tunes. But because our stereo system isn’t hooked up in the kitchen, I was always bored when doing my dishes or packing school lunches. Now, I just bring my laptop into the kitchen with me, plug in my Rabbit TV, and have instant access to over 9,000 radio stations. While I’ll never get through them all, I will definitely have fun trying. And the chores go by so much faster with music to keep me company.

My husband travels frequently for work, and he used to get so frustrated with the television options at the hotels. Either there was nothing to watch aside from the repetitive resort channel, or he’d find a halfway-through show he would have liked to watch from the beginning. And unlike with traditional television programming, he can pause, rewind, or fast forward according to his needs. As a big hockey and baseball fan, my husband particularly loves the informative ESPN on-demand features that let him catch up on the great plays and latest scores he missed while on the road.

With two nephews headed to college next fall, I already know I’ll be sending them off with their own Rabbit TVs. College students keep strange hours; it’s nice to know that when the boys need a break, they’ll be able to take one without added difficulty or stress. The “Buy One Get One Free” promotion available directly from the manufacturer makes it a wallet-friendly and thoughtful gift–particularly for anyone, like my nephews, on a budget.

My Overall Review



  • Lets you watch what you want, when you want
  • No download fees or extra costs
  • Practically limitless selection of tv shows and movies
  • Access to thousands of radio stations to suit every taste and mood
  • A mere fraction of the cost of cable


  • If you aren’t sure what you want to watch, browsing the comprehensive selection of titles can be time-consuming
  • Doesn’t yet offer live streaming of major network shows, but thanks to DVR technology, who has watched live television in the last ten years anyway?

Rabbit TV lets users watch thousands of the television shows they know and love conveniently from their laptop or PC through one simple act of plugging in a USB device. This advanced technology, which gives free access to over 2,000 internet television stations as well as 9,000 radio stations, is revolutionizing the way we watch …

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Good Deal

Summary : The price of Rabbit TV is so low that at first I thought it was a monthly fee. Instead, $10, plus shipping and handling, covers a full year of access to near-limitless video and music options, including not only the USB device, but also a one year subscription. Not only that, but as I mentioned earlier, the manufacturer's website is currently running a promotion which gives you a second one free. With Rabbit TV, all you need is internet access to take control of how you watch television.

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