GripGo Review – Does this Hands Free Phone Mount Work?

The GripGo is a revolutionary, universal hands-free mounting system for your phone. Just affix the mount to your choice of convenient location on the dashboard or windshield, and enjoy unprecedented, easy access to your phone. It works with any model mobile device for maximum convenience and critical safety.


My Experience With GripGo

gripgo-boxI am a working mom to three very active kids. Between hip hop class, tee ball practice, swimming lessons, karate, and the million other things we cram in to our week, I find that I am always in the car. Sound familiar? Every mom I know is in this same situation, so when we find one thing that makes the job even just a little bit easier, it is our responsibility to share that helpful info so other moms can benefit too.

The GripGo hands-free phone mount has easily helped make my life not only more efficient, but also much safer. With snacks and supplies taking up space on the passenger seat beside me, I found that I frequently got distracted fumbling around trying to find my phone while I was driving. If I left my phone on the seat beside me, it would often slide off onto the car floor. If I left it on the dash, it tended to slide all the way to the back bottom of the dash area where it met the windshield. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing your phone ring, but being unable to reach it. I have personally seen from experience how it can take just one distracted moment to lead to potentially catastrophic results.

It happened just a few months ago. After getting a call from the school nurse’s office one afternoon to pick up my sick daughter, I rushed out of my office to pick her up. Nothing causes a momentary lapse of reason like getting a call about a sick child who needs you. I threw the phone on the seat beside me, and it promptly slid right off the seat and into the space between the seat and the door. Moments later, I panicked when I heard it ringing, because I thought the call might be about Emily. I tried to reach over to see if I might be able to retrieve the phone, but I am not Inspector Gadget and my arm wasn’t nearly long enough. As I stretched further, my head dipped below the windshield, and the road was no longer in my line of sight.


It took just one second, but when I sat back up, I had completely crossed over into the other lane of traffic! Luckily, there was no one else on the road, but that frightening moment taught me an unforgettable lesson about what matters in life. The GripGo removes the temptation to ever put phone access above your own safety or someone else’s.


My husband was constantly telling me to find one consistent place to put my phone and keep it there, but I found that was much easier said than done. Instead, the frustrating daily cycle of losing and finding my phone continued with no solution in sight.

That is, until my husband saw a commercial for the GripGo. He is not much of a consumer, but he couldn’t get his hands on this product fast enough. And by purchasing through the company mentioned on the commercial, he was able to take advantage of an amazing promotional deal: two GripGo hands-free mounts, two dashboard mounts, and two Gojo Hands Free Headsets. All of this life-changing technology cost only $14.95, plus shipping and handling. I thought I might have misheard when he mentioned the price!

It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but the GripGo is engineered using millions of silica gel suckers to ensure maximum stickability. Once your phone is attached to the mount, it stays attached until you need it. Detachment is an equal snap.

The install process was a breeze, even for a technologically impaired person like me. I could instantly see how useful the GripGo was going to be, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. The clever i-beam arm gives it a 360 degree range of motion, which lets me position it for the best view with optimal adjustability.

Even with three kids, I am pretty uptight about the condition of my car. I was delighted that the GripGo does no damage, leaving behind no sticky residue or adhesive mess. And it’s simple to maintain the GripGo using just warm water and mild soap. Let it air dry, and it’s good as new. For on-the-go cleaning, a quick swipe with a cloth or damp wipe easily removes any accumulated oil, dirt or dust.

My Overall Review



  • Safe, hands-free use
  • Super-strong suction
  • Provides unobstructed visibility thanks to its small size
  • Quick, easy access
  • Low price for such a high impact item


  • Because of its super-easy accessibility, it is tempting to needlessly look at it while driving
  • Different color choices might have been fun

The GripGo is a revolutionary, universal hands-free mounting system for your phone. Just affix the mount to your choice of convenient location on the dashboard or windshield, and enjoy unprecedented, easy access to your phone. It works with any model mobile device for maximum convenience and critical safety. My Experience With GripGo I am a …

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Good Deal

Summary : I recommend buying the GripGo hands-free mount system directly from the website. Not only was it a quick and user-friendly process, but the promotions make it unbeatable. I still can't believe we got two mounts, two dashboard mounts, and two GoJo Hands Free Headsets for less than $15, plus shipping and handling. I don't need to do the math to know that's a shockingly small price per piece. Not only that, but the GripGo comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. It is refreshing to know that--in this day and age--the company stands behind its product...especially one that has the ability to save your life.

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