Cutting Edge Grass Seed Review – The ‘Low Maintenance’ Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

Cutting Edge Grass Seed provides an all-in-one-bag solution to grass seed and turf management. A scientifically formulated blend of Kentucky bluegrass and other top performing seed, this mix is designed for optimal results in terms of appearance, performance and strength. Better yet–it is one of the world’s most sustainable grass seeds.

Our lawn has troubled us since we moved into our home ten years ago. We were just never able to get it to thrive to our satisfaction–it was constantly suffering from being over watered or under watered, turning brown and dying. We tried everything, resorting even to desperate measures like harmful chemicals that claim to promote growth. Not only didn’t they work that well, but I was terrified to let my kids and our dogs play on the lawn. Thanks to our discovery of Cutting Edge Grass Seed, we finally have the lawn of our dreams.


My Experience With Cutting Edge Grass Seed

cutting-edge-grass-seedWe learned about Cutting Edge Grass Seed from one of our neighbors. We noticed one day that the lawn of the Jensen family two houses down–which had previously rivaled ours in terms of its unsightly, unappealing appearance–was suddenly a lush, thick vibrant green. At first we assumed that they had resorted to expensive professional sodding; this was out of our budget, but I sent my husband down to ask about it anyway in case we had a sudden windfall.

We were shocked to find out that it wasn’t sodding at all, but Cutting Edge Grass Seed. We’d never even heard of it, but our neighbor explained that it had been around for a while, and was revolutionizing the lawn care industry. He is a contractor, so works closely with landscaping professionals, so tends to be dialed in to this kind of information. We didn’t have to take his word for it: one look at his thriving lawn was all we needed.

We practically ran home and ordered our Cutting Edge Grass Seed. I was particularly excited about the fact that all of the components come in one bag. I recall the not-so-far-off days of lugging different formulas of grass seed through the garden supply store–from sun and shade for our challenging backyard to self-repairing for where my kids play and the dog pees. Cutting Edge delivers everything you need in one convenient bag.


We reseeded over our current lawn, which has been a challenge for us in the past. Cutting Edge Grass Seed is actually designed for reseeding, and the results were amazing. My sister just moved into a new construction home and was facing an ugly bare lawn. I surprised her with this product as a housewarming gift and had the chance to see it work under those conditions, as well. The growth was unbelievable, and today my sister’s lawn looks like it’s been thriving for years.

My family was a little late to the green movement, as I have three children and most of my energy was directed toward them when environmental friendliness became such a big deal. Now that all three kids are in full time school, I have had more time to discover how I can help the environment. Honestly, I was shocked to learn how certain lifestyle choices we make can have an immediate, negative effect on the planet we call home. So our household has transitioned to more environmentally friendly ways recently–I no longer buy paper towels and we installed a programmable thermostat to lower our fuel usage. I hadn’t even given any thought to the detrimental affect of watering our lawn.


It’s funny–watering the lawn has always been my least favorite household chore. When I’m just standing there with a tired arm, all I can think about is all the other important things I could be doing at that very moment. My husband installed a sprinkler system on a timer, but it just never performed to our satisfaction. It was also wasteful as–because of the design of our lawn–part of it ended up positioned onto the sidewalk. Even I knew watering the sidewalk was a poor ecological tactic. Cutting Edge Grass Seed features a unique, moisture-retaining seed coating so the seedling stays moist for a longer period of time. This results in the need for less watering for shorter periods of time during germination.

I feel great about Cutting Edge Grass, which is at the forefront of the green grass movement. So much so that it has obtained coveted LEED-certification! Its many benefits include reduced watering usage while eliminating of harmful fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. I love knowing that our carbon footprint is getting smaller while our lawn is getting greener.

I’ll admit that there was one reason I didn’t mind that our grass was struggling: mowing. My husband works long hours at the office; in our previous home, he spent hours of every summer weekend mowing the lawn. Thanks to this custom mix scientifically designed for super-slow growth with dwarf characteristics, the lawn stays manageable year-round. In fact, in the fall and spring, he only needs to mow it a few times. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle, as less mowing means healthier roots.

My kids left the Slip and Slide out on the lawn one day last summer, and we somehow didn’t notice. When we pulled it up a few days later, I was terrified that the portion of our lawn which had been covered would be lost forever. But thanks to Cutting Edge Grass Seed’s self-repairing rhizomes, it came back quickly, and as good as before. You would never even know where the problem was. In fact, this blend is actually designed to grow in difficult areas, so whatever your issue–it can handle it.

My Overall Review


  • Everything you need comes in one handy bag
  • A gorgeous deep green color
  • Super-fast germination
  • LEED-certified
  • Slow growth so less mowing is necessary


  • Your kids won’t get as much sprinkler fun because watering needs are significantly less.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed provides an all-in-one-bag solution to grass seed and turf management. A scientifically formulated blend of Kentucky bluegrass and other top performing seed, this mix is designed for optimal results in terms of appearance, performance and strength. Better yet–it is one of the world’s most sustainable grass seeds. Our lawn has troubled …

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Summary : Patent-pending Cutting Edge Grass Seed is not available in stores. We purchased ours directly through the manufacturer's website. it's a great deal--a two pound bag, which seeds 500 square feet, costs just $19.95, plus shipping and handling. We took advantage of the deal on the 10 Pound Professional Kit, which provides over 2,500 square feet of coverage and includes a free two pound bag. We saved 40 percent by choosing this option--the cost was just $79.95, plus shipping and handling.

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