Aqua Rug Review – The Stain Resistant Carpet for Your Shower

Aqua Rug is a slip-proof, compression-proof, mildew-proof rug for your shower or bathtub. The first of its kind, this soft, safe, durable product delivers the perfect combination of style and substance.


My Experience With Aqua Rug

aqua-rugMy kindergartner loves taking baths, but is at the age when he is just starting to take showers. Every shower he takes, however, is accompanied by one overriding issue: my fear that he will slip and fall. Of course, kids just don’t understand how dangerous the slick, wet surface of a bathtub is, so all I can picture in my head the whole time is him hitting his head or breaking his wrist. It’s particularly bad when he is stepping in or out. Thanks to the awesome Aqua Rug, my son can shower without me hovering anxiously outside the curtain issuing constant warnings that both of us find annoying!

I tried other shower mats before but they didn’t help with this problem at all. I have probably filled up a landfill with shower mat rejects! Either they didn’t stick to the tub, or they did stick, but provided none of their promised traction. And as time went on, these mats seemed to get slipperier and slipperier. After a few weeks, they were always more of a hazard than a help! When I finally pulled up our last one, the suction was so strong that there were actually marks left on the porcelain. I attempted to bleach them out, but had no luck so our tub is permanently stained this disgusting rusty color. And the dirt and mildew? These plastic mats get filthy fast! And then they get filthy, they also get stinky. You could smell that last one all the way across the house; I could barely it out of our house fast enough.


I saw a commercial for the Aqua Rug and was instantly intrigued. I couldn’t believe no one had thought of this genius concept sooner. A carpet for the tub? Of course! But I guess there are ideas and there are executors, and luckily the people at Aqua Rug are both. I checked out the product online and couldn’t believe what a deal it was. Still gun-shy from prior unpleasant shower mat experiences, my plan was to order only one, but the website was running a promotion that included a second rug for free, so I was stuck with it.

Stuck with it indeed, and very happy about it! These rugs stay put, feel terrific, and make me feel safer about bath and shower time. It is such a frustration to buy a product based on promises that turn out to be lies. Aqua Rug lives up to its claims, and more!


The product’s innovative design allows water to flow freely through the fibers so dirt and moisture don’t get trapped inside. The rug dries to the touch. We have had ours for several months, and so far no mildew or mildew smell. I haven’t even had to clean it once; in fact, they could probably advertise a self-cleaning function, because during the process when the water is draining through the rug, so is soap…which means the rug also gets a good clean every time you shower.

On a cosmetic note, typical shower mats look terrible–like something straight out of the 1970s. I know many guests don’t peek inside my shower, but for me the shower is a peaceful retreat, so looking at something ugly ruins the experience.

And speaking of a peaceful retreat, I am a big fan of spa treatments: sole-soothing pedicures are at the top of my list of treatments. The insulating Aqua Rug delivers a similar result. It feels so good underneath my feet, which get a delightfully relaxing soak in the warm, soapy water.

A few years ago, my grandmother slipped in the shower and broke her hip. It really was the beginning of the end for her. Not only did it kick off a long stint of hospital stays, both because of the hip injury and infections that followed, but it also affected her mentally and emotionally: I don’t think she ever felt really safe in her own home again. Ever since then I have lived in fear of the same thing happening to one of my parents, who both have some issues with stability when they are showering. I ordered Aqua Rugs for the two bathrooms in my parents’ townhouse. They report feeling much more secure during showers, and I feel increased, valuable peace of mind knowing that although I am physically far away, I have helped them lead safer and more comfortable lives.

My Overall Review



  • Designed for no slips or slides in the tub
  • Like a spa treatment for your feet
  • Durable–maintains texture and color
  • No icky mildew or odor
  • Attractive design


  • Only comes in one color so far–the neutral tone goes with everything, but some might prefer other options
  • You won’t ever want to shower without one again

Aqua Rug is a slip-proof, compression-proof, mildew-proof rug for your shower or bathtub. The first of its kind, this soft, safe, durable product delivers the perfect combination of style and substance. My Experience With Aqua Rug My kindergartner loves taking baths, but is at the age when he is just starting to take showers. Every …

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Summary : The immense popularity of the Aqua Rug means you can buy it many places, but I recommend that you stick with the product's authentic website. It is not only a trusted source, but they also run amazing promotions and discounts. For example, when I ordered my Aqua Rugs, there was a great promotion that let me get two products for the price of one--just $19.95, plus processing and handling. If, like many people, you are looking to increase safety, convenience or comfort in your showering experience, Aqua Rug delivers all three.

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